Future is coming. Technologies and devices every day makes their steps on the way of progress. Robots more often become to serve the people’s life. The performance and usability of the robots raising on day-by-day basis: tomorrow we will see possibilities and functions of the machines which are not available today. People makes the robots to assist them in job and homework, war and rest. With a significant help for routine operations machines show more precise and productive result than people do. V-ROBO supports this evolution of the machines.
Peter de Komel, CEO 

V-ROBO was founded in 2014 as engineering company of electronics devices. During the time V-ROBO performed the development and service of electronic system of the robots. In 2015 company sold industrial robot with angled arm for inline measurement of curved surface. Today V-ROBO develops the machines in three applications:

    Measurement arm robots
    Emergency assistant robots
    In-line kit performance